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Graduated in Sound Design at European Institute of Design, formerly known as a music collector and producer. After working as a sound designer and subsequently as a post-production supervisor, Riccardo built a wide network of collaborators. He created unique sound refinements for different medias, such as commercials, films, live performance and new media.

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Sound Design

We’re specialized in soundtracks for a variety of needs. We’re involved specifying, acquiring or creating auditory elements using audio production techniques and tools employed in a variety of disciplines as post-production, filmmaking, television production, live performance, sound art, new media.

Music Consulting

We commonly work with directors, brands and other media companies to help them find the right songs or musical pieces for their projects.

Sound Branding

Through the use of sounds and melodies consistent with brand values, we offer sensory experience to consumers in order to make a product, brand or message memorable. Is a communication, advertising and marketing technique.


Through experience of the best editing softwares and knowledge of mixing and mastering techniques we offer specific finalization for each output involved in the project.

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